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1. History

Ishii Law Office was established in 1954 in Tokyo by the late Mr. Seiichi Ishii (1923-2008), who later became the president of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations (1984-1986) and a member of the National Public Safety Commission (1987-1997). Mr. Ishii is known as a legal pioneer for introducing into Japan the concept of "lawyers as a profession" and was one of the leading voices of the Japanese Bar in the post-war era. In early 1980s, Mr. Ishii led a delegation of Japanese lawyers to visit China, shortly after China opened its market. As a practicing lawyer, Mr. Ishii successfully built up a clientele of a very broad range of numerous companies and individuals through his meticulous, precise and entrepreneurial approach, and established the foundation of our firm as it stands today.

Since the 1970s, our firm gradually grew in size and developed into a partnership of a group of lawyers, so as to be able to handle large-scale and complex cases and offer continuous services to our clients.

2. Philosophy

We believe that the high competence and a wide experience of individual lawyers, and not the size of the firm itself, will ensure the preciseness and the high quality of the professional work in every case or project for which we are retained by the client. Under this concept, every lawyer of our firm always strives to achieve the most scrupulous and careful work.

In order to properly cope with difficult and complicated legal issues encountered by companies at the present time, Ishii Law Office handles complex cases or projects with a team of lawyers that is optimum for each case, with a view to accomplish the prompt results of the highest standard.

3. Lawyers

Each lawyer at Ishii Law Office keeps up to date with the latest legal and business developments, so that he or she will possess an excellent capability to solve legal issues based upon the latest legal knowledge and a high analyzing ability. Through their corporate and business law practice, lawyers of our firm have first-hand knowledge of how business is done in Japan, as well as how Japanese companies are organized and operated. In addition, in order to gather the knowledge and experience of individual lawyers as a collective power of the firm, we routinely hold internal study sessions and share each other member's knowledge and experience.

Aside from daily legal practice, many members of our firm have held or hold such positions as outside audit and supervisory board member of companies, board member of various organizations, professor of law schools or law faculties of universities, teacher at the Supreme Court Institute of Legal Training and Research, committee member of government agencies and local governments, and officer of bar associations.

In addition, many members of our firm have pursued his or her graduate studies overseas at famous law schools, such as Harvard, Columbia, UC Berkeley, Michigan, Duke and Illinois in the U.S.A. and Cambridge University in England and received a strong grounding in foreign and international law. An attorney is admitted to practice in both Japan and the U.S.A. In recent years, younger members of our firm have been seconded to various government agencies or private companies and gained practical experience there.

4. Areas of Practice

The areas of practice of our firm are varied, reflecting the broad range of our firm's clientele, ranging from general corporate, litigation and dispute resolution, banking and finance, M&A, restructuring and bankruptcy, competition law, labor law, intellectual property and IT, real estate, international transactions, to general civil and domestic matters and criminal cases. In particular, our firm is proud of having, through many years of its practice, abundant achievements and experience in offering legal advice to companies of various size and industry sectors on diverse legal issues and in representing our clients in complex corporate litigation.

Our firm also maintains a close relationship with outside experts, such as accountants and tax attorneys, so that we are able to offer comprehensive services to our clients.

5. Clients

The clientele of our firm is very broad, ranging from very large and representative companies of a number of industry sectors in Japan, to mid- and small-sized enterprises and individuals.

Our corporate clients include companies belonging to such industry sectors as banking, insurance, construction and civil engineering, international trading, pharmaceutical, food and chemical, cosmetics, machinery, metal products, restaurant chains, transportation, real estate, IT and media, building management, and hotel management. Our clients also include various organizations and associations, such as agricultural cooperative associations, consumers' cooperative associations, colleges and schools, independent administrative agencies, medical corporations, public interest organizations, NPOs, etc. A number of our corporate clients are listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

In addition to Japanese clients, Ishii Law Office assists foreign companies and their subsidiaries in establishing and doing their business in Japan. We also represent foreign clients in litigation and arbitration.


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