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General Corporate

Leveraging its abundant experience and expertise that was accumulated through many years of legal services in the general corporate area since its establishment, Ishii Law Office provides prompt, precise and effective legal advice and support to its corporate clients in broad industry sectors on all aspects of legal matters arising from their operation and business. We also provide comprehensive service to our clients in close cooperation with outside experts of long association, including accountants and tax attorneys.

Many members of Ishii Law Office serve as a member of the audit and supervisory board, the compliance and other committees of leading corporations, and thus support the operation of our corporate clients from within the companies.

In the area of general corporate practice, Ishii Law Office routinely renders legal advice on various matters, including, among others, planning of corporate organization and structure, commercial transactions and business contracts of various types, rendering written legal opinions on legal issues arising from the operation of companies and their day-to-day business, shareholders meetings and other governance matters, mergers and acquisitions of various types, internal control system and compliance, risk and crisis management, and representation in derivative lawsuits and other corporate lawsuits.

Ishii Law Office also assists foreign companies to establish and do their business in Japan, either directly or through their subsidiaries. Our lawyers will not only make sure that the activities of our foreign clients comply with Japanese laws, but also render practical advice to them in doing their business smoothly in light of the business and social culture in Japan.


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